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An Ethical Brand With A Thirst For Conserving Our Oceans And Coastlines

Our Oceans, Our Coastlines, Our Solution

"Only we humans make waste that nature can't digest" Charles Moore, Marine Researcher.

When a tree sheds it’s leaves in the autumn the leaves can be blown along into a river and carried into a sea. Biodegradable leaves are no problem, as part of the big plan they provide food for marine life.

But then, we have plastics. Nowhere near as beautiful as autumnal leaves. We might see a plastic bag or a single use plastic wrapper being blown or thrown into a river, a storm drain or onto a beach. It all ends up in the sea where it remains for centuries, looking a mess and choking marine life. Until it breaks down into micro-plastics which can be ingested by the fish that we humans then eat.

The problems of plastics and the oceans are far too great to even attempt to simplify here in a short text and the solutions that we need are of a similar magnitude. But we can all take some simple, sensible steps to help out - reduce our consumption of plastics.

We have to accept that we are responsible for every item that we take from a store shelf and place in our shopping basket. We are responsible for choosing that product, choosing the company that made it, for choosing the store that sold it. These choices, these options define us. We should also be responsible for disposing of the product and it’s packaging at the end of it’s useful life. It’s pretty simple stuff and gets easier once we become concious of the concept of thoughtful consumerism.

Our tiny part of the solution is to help our customers find #PlasticFreeBathroom products. We hand select the finest quality natural sea sponges which can be used as biodegradable alternatives to cotton face wipes, face flannels, makeup cleansing wipes and makeup blenders. They’re also one of the best ways that Mother Nature has to cleanse and exfoliate your skin, no chemicals required! We package them in plastic-free packaging which can be recycled with other paper based products or even composted.

It’s a small gesture in the face of the massive task that humanity has to save the oceans and cut our shameful dependency on plastics but small gestures can soon build up to big progress. Make today the day you start to move towards your #PlasticFreeBathroom.

Our Plastic-Free Products

In our drive to help our customers reduce plastic waste we have launched a range of #PlasticFreeBathroom products, our lovely, soft, silky smooth sea sponges..


Mediterranean Fine Silk Sponges

  • Absolutely the highest quality sponge
  • Highly absorbant, strong, longer lasting
  • Used for our PREMIUM FacialCare sponges
  • Used for the Natural intimacy IntimateCare sponges

Caribbean Silk Sponges

  • A great quality sponge for skin care
  • Ideal for exfoliation, cleansing and makeup removal
  • Cheaper than Mediterranean Fine Silk sponges
  • Used for our ECO FacialCare sponges

Getting More Plastic-Free Products To More People

Our distribution model reflects the logic that if people buy a product from a local store there is a lower carbon footprint than if the same people ordered their products to be shipped out to them directly from the manufacturer, hundreds or even thousands of miles away. We aim to have distributors and resellers in every location where people want our products, resulting in a cheaper purchase for the end customer and a help to the local economy. That’s why we openly offer our products in wholesale quantities so that anyone can easily order a larger amount and either save by buying in bulk, share an economical group-buy with their friends or take the entrepreneurial path and resell them to their own customers.